Risk management is factors that can reduce costs – insurance and damages!

The service includes:

  • Risk identification
  • Control
  • Effective risk management
  • Better insurance conditions and cost rationalisation
  • Better control of the insurance and damage recovery process
  • Outsourcing of specific and professional jobs related to insurance

Interomnia d.o.o. is a company for insurance and reinsurance brokerage whose team consists of experts from different fields (law, finance, electrical engineering, medicine, informatics, informat) with many years of experience in insurance business, who together can better understand the needs of clients and design optimal solutions for them. With professional, flexible and innovative solutions, from risk transfer, Tailor-made design to innovative ways to control risk, our services create new value for the client. As a broker, we work exclusively for and in the interest of the client.

Interlude d.o.o. through its business network, it provides services to clients in EU countries and regions. Through a network of our own offices and with the help of partners, we provide clients with the opportunity to standardize the scope and manner of insurance and to more easily monitor Business in the markets in which they operate.

We know in detail the products of insurance and reinsurance and (re)insurers in the global market as well as their capabilities.

We provide a complete service to the client and initiate and develop new products and services in cooperation with clients and insurers.

We provide the client with complete assistance in exercising his rights under the insurance contract-from risk assessment and development of insurance policies, to assistance in the collection of damages.

We provide continuous training to our employees through lectures by domestic and foreign experts, so that we can provide our clients with the best service at all times.

According to Article 403. The Insurance Act – The insurance brokerage company shall, inter alia, make an appropriate risk analysis and inform the party in accordance with the provisions of this law, perform insurance distribution activities on the order of the party for the purpose of concluding an insurance contract in accordance with the request of the party with regard to insurance coverage, check the content of the insurance policy, provide assistance to the insurance contractor, i.e. the insured in exercising the rights and obligations under the insurance contract for the duration of the insurance contract,, before and after the occurrence of the insured case, and primarily take care that the insurance contractor, i.e. the insured, undertakes all legal actions that are important for the preservation, i.e. the realization of rights based on the insurance contract within the deadlines set for the undertaking of legal actions. The client does not pay services to the broker– in accordance with the provisions of the Insurance Act, the broker is entitled to a commission from the insurer whose offer the client has decided on, according to the contract in which he mediated.