Interomnia d.o.o. is an insurance and reinsurance brokerage company founded in 2013. years by experts with many years of experience in insurance, risk management, corporate governance, finance and law. In addition to the company's headquarters in Zagreb, we have offices in Rijeka and Split, and our services are used by clients from all over Croatia, even from the region. In particular, we emphasize that we have the possibility of cooperation with all insurers and reinsurers in the territory of all EU member states.

With the development of the market and new more complex products and with the strengthening of competitiveness, the need for professional staff who are well acquainted with the market, customers and their needs, as well as bidders with the entire range of their products and services is growing. Brokers can best respond to the needs of their clients, especially considering that clients do not necessarily have access to all information or lack knowledge, expertise and experience in order to be able to choose a solution optimal for their organization.

Insurance and/or reinsurance brokers thus become".market makers“ which increase the efficiency of the market – drive innovation and influence the design of insurance products, accelerate the damage treatment process, assess and manage risks, etc. They help the client in making a decision on the necessary protection against the risks that threaten him, compare and evaluate insurance offers with regard to coverage, premium, credit risk, reputation of the insurer, etc., i.e. provide the consumer with a complex service before, during the conclusion and after the conclusion of the insurance contract. It is the provision of complete and high-quality service, which will satisfy all the needs of the client, that is the core of Interomnia's business.