Service yes, for the most part, consists of the following steps:

  • Analysis of existing contractual insurance services and insurance coverage.
  • Identification, assessment and analysis of risks and auditing of existing insurance policies.
  • Preparation and preparation of tender documentation for the implementation of the (public) procurement procedure for insurance services.
  • Assistance in analysis of bids received.
  • Control of insurance policies and their compliance with the offer from The conducted (public) tender.
  • Assistance to the client during the process of resolving claims as well as in the exercise of his rights under the insurance contract.

Activities related to the procurement of insurance services:

Taking into account compliance with legal obligations, business strategy and company plans:

  • The Broker, in agreement with the contracting authority, prepares tender documentation for all types of property and other insurance;
  • Assists the client / contracting authority with its expertise and experience during the procurement process of insurance services;
  • Provides assistance in analyzing incoming bids;
  • Checks the accuracy and compliance of insurance policies with the offer of the selected tenderer based on the conducted (public) tender;
  • Assists the client in the process of resolving claims and exercising his rights from concluded insurance contracts.

Some of the benefits of our engagement:

  • lower costs
  • responsibility for the quality of insurance coverage (by the insurance broker/broker).
  • 'Insurance pooling' - insurance of assets of institutions, companies and institutions, in all locations (option)
  • standardization of coverage, scope and manner of Insurance-Master program
  • consideration of the model of all risks coverage respecting the specifics of the subject of insurance and risk exposure
  • better quality insurance
  • optimizing security while minimizing costs
  • full insurance coverage
  • better control of the insurance and damage recovery process
  • outsourcing part of the business and services of using independent experts during all processes related to insurance operations