Pružajući klijentima i prekogranične usluge, omogućavamo im standardizaciju pokrića kroz Master program i Insurance pooling. Pomoć klijentu tijekom procesa rješavanja odštetnih zahtjeva. Pomoć klijentu vezano uz ostvarenje svih njegovih prava iz ugovora o osiguranju.

The service, for the most part, consists of the following steps:

  • Analysis of existing contractual services and (re)insurance coverage.
  • Identification, assessment and analysis of risks and auditing of existing insurance policies.
  • Preparation and preparation of tender documentation for the provision of insurance services.
  • Analysis of received offers and presentation to the client for selection of the best rated offer.
  • Control of policies and their compliance with the tender offer.
  • Assistance to the client during the settlement of claims.
  • Assistance to the client in connection with the realization of all his rights under the insurance contract.
  • Providing clients and cross-border services, we enable them to standardize coverage through the Master's program and Insurance pooling
    • Insurance pooling = a tool for achieving synergistic effects and more favorable insurance conditions through the pooling of business units and the perception of risk as a whole
    • Master program – standardization of conditions and scope of coverage with respect to the specifics of the individual unit

Key risks:

  • Property protection - fire and additional hazards, earthquake, natural disasters, burglary and robbery, vandalism, machine breakdowns, crops, plantations and animals,…
  • Income protection – osiguranje gubitka prihoda; odgovornost - javna, profesionalna, Menadžerska odgovornost, osiguranje pronevjera, produktna odgovornost, Cyber rizici,...
  • Employee protection - osiguranje od nezgode, bolesti, smrti,…
  • Protection in transport and transport
  • Protection of vehicles, vessels, aircraft, drones,…

Some of the benefits of our engagement:

  • lower costs
  • responsibility for the quality of insurance coverage (by the insurance broker/broker).
  • standardization of coverage, scope and manner of Insurance-Master program
  • better quality insurance
  • optimizing security while minimizing costs
  • full insurance coverage
  • better control of the insurance and damage recovery process

outsourcing part of the business and services of using independent experts during all processes related to insurance operations